Beer Sale   

Corona 12 packs $15.99

30 pack of Coors
Light for $19.99

30 pack of Keystone
Light for $13.99

30 Natural Light for $13.99

18 pack of Miller
Lite for $13.99

Glover Park Market was established in 1989 by Paul and Anna Chaung. We have been known as the variety and real convenience store in the neighborhood. It has been our joy to serve the people and the neighborhood. We do have pretty much every thing.

"It's the epitome of neighborhood corner store. You'll come to depend on it
... ".

Our staff is very friendly and helpful. They remember faces and make sure to provide all of your neighbor’s need.This store will be one of those few stores that you will truly miss. This is such a special and variety shop. From the delicious gourmet food, and cheeses to the fine wine and beer selection, this store has almost everything you need for a party and convenience shopping. The best part though is that the prices are the best found in the area.

"I would highly recommend this store to any one who wants to make a quick run. It is easy to get to and has a great selection."


2411 37th street, N.W., Washington, DC 20007 || 202.333.4030 Telephone
Hours 8:30 AM to 10PM Every Day